Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Please Read Carefully !! Migration Complete to server163

Dear Client,
     Please read this email in full and make sure that you understand all points for better functioning of your account.
     As you were knowing that there was some issue with the old network provider, we have temporarily shifted all our servers from that facility to one of other facility in Canada.

Server154 has also been shifted to new server163.

     Those customers who were using jblhost.in nameservers, do not need to make any changes in their nameservers as such, but its highly recommended to change your nameservers to below values.


IP :

IP for Private Nameserver Configuration: 

ns1 -
ns2 -

     If you are using private nameservers, please delete all old child nameserver and A records and create new one's with above IPs and update them on all your domains.

     Please check if all your domains and data is moved to server163. Old server will be live only for maximum next 4-8 hrs and then it will be taken down. We will not be keeping any backup.

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