Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Our Server Cluster Main IP has been Suspended by ARIN and Network Provider

Dear Client,
Our server will be down right now.

We have very stringent anti spam policies, still due to activities of some clients who had hosted cracked/nulled scripts, or outdated scripts with intrusions and infections, resulted in spamming from server. One of reseller account was also found to be hosting zeus botnet.

Account of that reseller was already terminated from server while our scrutiny team found it.

Now we have been locked out of server as IP is suspended.

All clients will get new account on new server within very short time. We will try our level best to get data from the server, but as you know its not possible in all cases to get the data, specially when complete server IP is suspended.

All resellers/master reseller/clients will get their new account on new server. All clients will need to reupload data on new server.

Resellers will need to provide new accounts to their clients and ask them to upload data.

Master resellers will need to provide their resellers with new accounts and ask them to create accounts of their clients in turn and upload data.

As a notice, all resellers are requested to check genuinity of their clients.

All clients with dedicated IP and SSL will need to send tickets to get that assigned on new server.


Please do not open tickets in tech support dept for issues like asking when server will be up, or when will we get new account.

All techs will be put to do the tasks of managing server and bringing it ASAP.

Please see below timeline for updates.


1:20AM : New Server cluster sent to build dept.

3:10 AM - Management is in talks with DC to restore the current cluster. If its not restored, then probably we will have total loss of data, and new server setup will take further time. We will update here. Those who have automated backup service from us and there was a backup generated will be having their data, those who don't will need to upload their data themselves.

9:25AM : We are still awaiting the new servers from build dept, as its taking time, we are trying to upgrade few of already available machines to create cluster, so that we can start delivering accounts to the clients. It will take about 12 hrs from now to complete the hardware upgrade. we are expected to be up and start new account delivery within 24 hrs.

6:30PM : We are still working on upgrading new servers. Please note there is complete data loss. No existing data of the server is available with us because of this activity as all servers in the cluster have been removed/resetted/confiscated by the network provider. A stringent anti spam guidelines will be mailed to all clients upon new server creation, its resellers responsibility to check the activity within their client's accounts. Also resellers should take backup of their client's data or ask clients to do so. We will be adding a monthly automated backup option to a third party DC in case of such events from now on, and resellers can subscribe to it at affordable rates.

We will start delivering new accounts to resellers as soon as new server is ready. Resellers have to create accounts for their customers, master reseller's will need to create accounts for their resellers. All servers from the cluster have been terminated by the provider.

Also any client, if knows that they are having any spammers/bulk mailer or illegal sites on the server whether reseller or client, let our techs know, as we are going to investigate the access logs of the server, and account creation paradigm, and are going to penalize all such resellers heavily.

11:15PM : New Cluster is ready. Having 32GB RAM, Intel E5 Processor, 2TB SATA Hard disk, 1GBPS Connectivity, in france datacenter. OS installation is underway.

11:50PM :  Server is ready, account delivery started.

All resellers/master resellers will be provided accounts, they will need to create accounts of their clients once again and upload their data. All shared hosting clients will also be provided accounts, and they will need to reupload the data.

Thank you