Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Important Information for all Clients and Resellers

  1. Bulk Mailing of any kind will not be tolerated from now onward. 
  2. Resellers are explicitly requested to send Antispam and Anti Bulk Mailing guidelines to all their customers and cPanel account owners at the time of account activation and mention that in case of bulk mailing, account can be terminated from the server.
  3. Before uploading any file on the server, make sure you scan it on your local computer and its complete virus and malware free. Resellers are requested to inform the same to their clients.
  4. Please make sure that all your scripts, themes, plugins are up to date. Get in touch with your script developer and get all your sites updated. Having outdated scripts or cracked/nulled scripts in your account makes your account vulnerable to attacks.
  5. If there are many suspicious activities under any Reseller, we hold the right to suspend/terminate entire Reseller account depending on severity. As a Shared Hosting Reseller, Resellers should take the responsibility of ensuring that data of their clients is safe by following above practices. Do not just look for immediate small gains, but look after the long time gains in the industry.
  6. If any client wishes to send bulk mail/marketing mail, please purchase email hosting server from us. Its a completely different service.
  7. Do not host zip files/mp3/videos/file sharing/image sharing/file hosting websites in your accounts. 
  8. Do not misuse server resources, and delete files which are no longer needed.
  9. Do not keep backup files on the server for more than 48 hrs, whenever you create backup, do not forget to download it to your local computer and delete it.

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